We are pleased to announce the addition of remote dart tournaments through Superior Vending! Tournaments can be played at any location that has a Superior Vending dartboard. If you do not have Superior Vending stats, you will need to send in your current league stats (this includes ALL leagues you are currently in as well as any RDT stats or Iowa dart stats) to the tournament coordinator. There is a $2 administration fee per person per event.


Rules are the same as any remote league. Cameras must work! If the camera is not working, please unplug your board for 30 seconds and plug it back in (this usually fixes most camera issues).  If the camera still doesn't work, you will have to play on another board or possibly at another venue if there isn't another board available at your location. If a dart sticks, but does not score, you CANNOT push it in. You must hit the player change button before pulling your darts. Matches should begin within the first 5 minutes of the bracket going live. If your opponent does not appear on the screen, it is your responsibility to call them using the number provided on the sign up sheet. If the player(s) do not respond it will be considered a forfeit. All tournaments will be run on and will be posted to the website.


Sandbagging will not be tolerated. If we find you in violation of this it is considered cheating and  you will be suspended from any remote tournaments for a month. If it continues after, you will be banned from any and all future remote events. You are not allowed to throw under another individual's name. This will result in an immediate forfeit, no refund, and a permanent ban from future remote events. Tournament payouts may be delayed if there is a need to investigate any allegations of cheating.


Tournament sign up cutoff time is a half hour before the tournament starts. First time remote players outside of Superior Vending leagues must sign up an hour in advance. This gives us time to get everyone's names in the board and the locations activated as well as verifying league stats. No late sign ups will be accepted. Absolutely no exceptions. If you are experiencing problems of any kind, please contact the tournament coordinator as soon as possible to minimize delay of play. The coordinator's number can be found on the sign up sheet.

Sharing boards is absolutely not allowed!

*Tournament coordinator decisions are final*


On our website go to the Remote Dart Tournaments tab. Click on the bracket link. This will open up the bracket on Challonge. The person on top will be the "home" team. You will then go to League Mode on the board and select Play Remote League. Go to Cork21. Find your name and select if you are the home or away team. Select your opponent. You will then play one round of count up, split bull on the 13" side of the board to determine who starts. Winner of the cork will start the game, loser will start thereafter. Once done, exit the cork and find the tournament on the menu. Select your name and whether you are home or away and then select your opponent. The format is 501/cricket/501/cricket/cricket. Race to 3 on winner's and loser's side. Any capped events will not be handicapped and any open events will use a reverse handicap. If it comes down to a tie breaker, the loser of the last game will start first. The tie break game will be cricket. After the game is finished, please exit out of the match.


All entry fees will be through Paypal. If you do not have Paypal, you can sign up on their website or app. *Note: it does take a few days before it is activated. All payments must be sent FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY and absolutely NO COMMENTS!!! This is a very, very simple rule and if not followed may result in a ban from playing. Entry fees for doubles will be $30 + $4 administration fee ($34). Doubles with bounty option $44. Payouts will be sent out the following morning to the winners.


  1-5 Entries: 100%

  6-8 Entries: 70%, 30%

  9-15 Entries: 50%, 30%, 20%

  16-25 Entries: 50%, 25%, 15%, 10%



We will also be offering a bounty option. As the title says, it is completely optional. If you do choose to get into the bounty it will be $10 for doubles. A bounty team or individual will be randomly selected after the tournament goes live. The bounty will not be disclosed until the bounty is knocked out, this will deter people from "bounty hunting". How the Bounty Works: If you paid for the bounty option and knock the bounty out of the tournament, you win the bounty prize (which is a total of all the bounty entries for that event including any carryover). If you did not get into the bounty option and knock the bounty out, the bounty will be carried over to the following week. If you paid the bounty and your team is the bounty and you take first place in the tournament then you will receive the bounty prize as well as the first place prize money.


Ratings will be done as follows and updated weekly: MPR x 10 + PPD = Rating Example: 3.4 x 10 + 30 = 64 rating


All events are a combination of 501/cricket

All Paypal payments need to be sent as Friends & Family only-no comments. No exceptions.