• Corey Voegele

Gold, Silver, Bronze ... and Challenger

The schedules for Superior Vending’s “Gold/Silver/Bronze” leagues are finally up on our website.

The biggest reason for the delay was that we are up to 38 teams for this season and it took a little while to figure out how to accommodate everyone without lengthening the season. To accomplish that, this year we have added a fourth “Challenger” division.

The Silver League has eight teams and will play a 21-week season. The other three divisions have 10 teams each and will play 18-week seasons. We will be off the weekend of the Superior mid-season tournament, the Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s and MOMA weekend.

All schedules, as well as contact information for most teams, is up on the Superior Vending website. If you do not see a phone number listed for your team on the “contact” link for your league, please text it to me ASAP at 612-749-0169. If your opponents do not have a number listed, give me a call and I will try to put you in touch with them.

This season we have also compiled a list of league rules & standards. Nothing too earth-shattering on there, but this year we have added statistical requirements for substitute players. Basically anyone can sub in the Gold League, but in the other three divisions the sub’s stats cannot be any better than the stats of the players they are subbing for. Teams have been placed in divisions based on the stats and known ability of the two players on the team, so the cap on sub’s stats is necessary to maintain a competitive balance in the leagues.

Last thing … we are planning to do a combined league tournament at the end of the season, and details for the date and location of that tournament will be provided as the information becomes available.

Thanks for playing with us and best of luck this season.

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