• Corey Voegele

Remote league setup

Here's everything you need to know to set up your remote league match.

1. Go to "League Play" and select the "schedule" option, then select your league to find out who you play and whether or not you're the "home" team. (Note that leagues only appear in the "home" bars of teams in that league, so if your league isn't on the list, it probably means you are in the wrong bar.) If you already know who you play that night and who's home, you can skip this step.

2. Go back to the "League Play" menu and select the last option, "Play Remote League." Note that if you just choose "Play League" the dart board is going to think you and your opponents are all standing in the room, and later will expect you to both pay that board.

3. Once you choose "Play Remote League" and choose your league, the board will ask you to select the "Local" team. You are ALWAYS the local team in your remote matches, regardless of whether you're home or visitor.

4. Once you pick yourself from the list of teams, it will ask if you are home and away, then it will ask you to select your opponent.

5. After you do that, you're basically done. If you opponent has not yet logged in, you'll get parked on a "waiting for opponent" page until they do. After both teams are signed in, it will take you to the normal "ready to play" page where you can enter subs or adjust PPD or MPR.

6. We recommend that you DO NOT put money in the board until your opponent has shown up. If you pay and they're a no-show, the only way to get your money back out of the board is with a Superior Vending hot button.

7. What's a hot button you ask? It's a little fob that is primarily used to store your stats for remote casual play. But it can also be used to store credits. So if you put $25 into the board and your opponent no-shows, you can simply pull those credits out with your button and use them next time you play. (Buttons are available in a variety of colors and cost $10. Let me know if you need one.)

8. One last tip that has nothing to do with setting up your match: Please COMMUNICATE with your opponents. A quick text of "running to the bar" or "smoke break" or "bathroom break" or whatever will be appreciated by your opponents.

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