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SCV Traveling dart league update

Quick update on the St. Croix Valley traveling league schedule …

When the season started we had 12 teams, and the plan was to play a 13-week schedule; 11 “normal” weeks followed by two position rounds. But with a team dropping out at the start of the season, that schedule is going to require a little tweak.

So here’s the plan:


#1 Family Matters vs. #3 Two-Bit Holes (Wild Badger)

#2 Bulls Eyes Matter vs. #4 Cheap Shots (Wild Badger)

#5 Touching Tips vs. #7 J D Shooters (Cheap Andy’s - patio board)

#6 Wolfing Darts vs. #8 Backstreet Bulls (SP Sports Bar)

#9 Sheriffs of the Saloon vs. #11 Random Shenanigans (Cheap Andy’s)

#10 Cock & Hens vs. #11 Random Shenanigans (Cheap Andy’s)


#1 Family Matters vs. #2 Bulls Eyes Matter (Wild Badger)

#3 Two-Bit Holes vs. #4 Cheap Shots (Cheap Andy’s)

#5 Touching Tips vs. #6 Wolfing Darts (Cheap Andy’s)

#7 J D Shooters vs. #8 Backstreet Bulls (Wild Badger)

#9 Sheriffs of the Saloon vs. #10 Cock & Hens (Rooster’s)

Note that Sheriffs of the Saloon and Cock & Hens will both play Random Shenanigans at Cheap Andy's next Tuesday. In order for those teams to have the option to play a back-to-back or side-by-side doubleheader, Touching Tips and J D Shooters are asked to please play on the patio board.

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