• Corey Voegele

Summer League update

Just a quick note to thank all of our summer league players for their patience in waiting for the league schedules to come out, and to fill everyone in on how things are looking for this summer.

TUESDAY REMOTE SINGLES: Wound up with 10 teams in the unhandicapped A Division and 5 teams in the (also) unhandicapped B Division. Nine-game format includes four games of 501, four games of cricket and one final game of 701 ... open in/out in the B division and open in/master out in the A Division. Just so we're all on the same page, that means you can go out with any double, triple or bullseye, just not a single number.

WEDNESDAY REMOTE DOUBLES: We have 12 teams and will play our standard 13-game format (6-501, 6-cricket, 1-701 same score).

THURSDAY REMOTE TRIPS: We should have a sixth team here by the end of the day.

REVERSE HANDICAPS: For the first time ever, this summer we are going to experiment with reverse handicaps for 01 in our Wednesday and Thursday remote leagues. What that means is that instead of the player with the best average starting at 501 and everyone else starting lower, with reverse handicapping the player with the worst average in the game starts at 501 and everyone else starts higher. The percentages are still the same, and the aim is still to allow players of different skill levels to be competitive with one another. This is just a different option that we want to explore. If you are playing in one of those leagues, please let us know what you think of the new system.

FRIDAY REMOTE DOUBLES: Seven teams, standard handicapping. Still hoping to find an eighth team by the end of the week.

CONTACT INFO: On the league dart page of our website, there's a full list of all of our current dart leagues. For each league there's a link to the schedule, two links for stats and one final "contacts" link. That's where you'll find contact information for every other team in your league. Please check that link and if your number is not listed there please text it to me ASAP at 612-749-0169.

HOW-TO: Given that we have a lot of remote play happening this summer, I will soon be posting a "how-to" for setting up remote league play.

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