• Corey Voegele

Youth/Adult league update

Just a quick update on the Superior Vending Youth/Adult league ...

SATURDAY, FEB. 17: Final week of play within your division.

SATURDAY, FEB. 24: Open Saturday for teams to complete makeup matches. If you have makeups to play, please communicate with your opponents ASAP to schedule

SATURDAY, MARCH 3: Crossover position week. Team with the best record in the Blue Division plays the team with the best record in the Red Division, teams with next-best records play each other, etc. Matchups will be based on teams' winning percentages at the end of the day today.

The league banquet will be 2-6 P.M. SATURDAY, MARCH 24 at Sammy's Pizza in Eau Claire. We understand that's a bit of a drive for our Twin Cities teams, but given that half the league's teams are from the Eau Claire area, Sammy's seemed like the best option.

We'll have food, awards, everyone's dart jerseys, contests and information on NDA Juniors..

Finally, please mention this post to any other youth league parents you know to help make sure everyone knows the plan.

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